January 06, 2013

Review: Russian River Consecration

Hey Beer-Party-Peoples! Long time, no review....amiright? We are blaming holiday craziness.....

But the holidays are over! And that means we are back with tasty brews and funny reviews. The brew we are tasting and talking about comes to us from Russian River (who we are pretty obsessed with). We have had the opportunity to drink Consecration many times before, but were super psyched to do a review of it. Check it out!


December 12, 2012

Review Oxbow Barrel Aged Famhouse Pale Ale

Hey Beer-Party-Peoples! Long time no video, amiright? Tom is totally to blame....okay, so maybe Lisa's wicked extreme work schedule has a teeny, tiny bit to do with it. Anyways, we are back!

Tonight's review has been a long time a coming. We picked this bad boy up awhile ago and it has been sitting in our fridge taunting us....meanie beer... This Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale from Oxbow was worth the wait though! Check it out


November 18, 2012

Review Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #5

Hey Beer-Party-Peoples! Lets just start by apologizing for the brief shots of the dog head you will be seeing....he was interested in tonight's beer review. Why? Cause we are tasting an amazing brew from an equally amazing brewery. Tonight's beverage comes to us from Hill Farmstead and is called Society & Solitude #5, check it out!


November 02, 2012

Review Russian River & Sierra Nevada Brux

Hey beer-Party-Peoples! It has been a little while....we know, we suck. Tonight's beer is called Brux and it happens to be a collab between Russian River and Sierra Nevada.

Not sure if we have mentioned it before, but we are both in love with Russian River (we visited the brewery a few times) and have missed them dearly since moving away from the West Coast. So we were pretty excited to get to get our hands on a beer from them (and Sierra!). Anyways, check it out.


October 20, 2012

Review New Belgium Tart Lychee

Hey Beer-Party-Peoples! Tonight's beer comes to us from New Belgium Brewing and is part of their Lips of Faith series. The beer? Tart Lychee and it proves to be pretty yummy, so be sure to check out the video.

Oh and if you get to try this beer for yourself, be sure to let us know what you think.


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